Cholera kills 242 infects 23500

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The World Health Organization has affirmed due to cholera about 242 people are dead. This terrible sanitary condition is added to the problem regarding famine, which has caused other deaths in the last weeks. The warnings by WHO are alarming, even because the representative for Yemen, Zagaria, has said by the end of the year a quarter of a million people is supposed to get sick. Cholera is a contagious bacteria, which is spread through contaminated water and food. The danger of not helping yemeni people is due to impossibility of accessing to some parts of State as well, so it would be possible, number of disease cases is going to increase. Zagaria has also declared UN agencies are going to present and elaborate a cholera prevention plan in the following 48 hours. Anyway this will not enough, indeed it is required economic efforts to Yemeni authorities to give them the opportunity of building new infrastructures up.


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