Makkah Governor names winners of Award for Excellence

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Makkah Governor, al-Faisal, on Sunday named winners for the 8th edition of Makkah Award for Excellence. One was for Security Committee of Haj Affairs, achieving remarkable levels of integration and coordination among different entities, including security and military level. The Makkah Region Police Department got an award for excellence in administration, in the efforts for prompts arrests of wanted people. Jeddah Historic Festival won an award in culture, for importance given to disseminating culture and heritage of the country. Two awards for social excellence are given to charitable organization al-Wdad helping orphaned and abandoned children and the other one to al-Mawada society, famous for supporting all sustainable programs to keep families together and decrease number of divorces. Maden Company got award for excellence economy, as it helps at improving and increasing gold production involving national human resources. The award for humanitarian excellence was shared by Habib bin Zain Al-Abideen for his role in supervising the administration of the central projects of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and to Ambassador Tayeb for representing Saudi Arabia in Islamic Cooperation Council.

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