Netanyahu at AIPAC: Israel committed to working with Trump to achieve peace with Palestinians

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that “Israel is committed to working with President Trump to achieve peace with the Palestinians and all our Arab neighbors”. Israel is defending itself from boycott and slander, and it defended by anti-semitism. Regarding the Palestinians, Netanyahu said “the Palestinian Authority must stop teaching children to hate and must stop paying terrorists, and must above all recognize the Jewish State”, adding: “My hand is extended to all our neighbors in peace”. We have to underline the fact that Israel is became a global technological power and Israel wouldn’t be the country it is today without the steadfast support of the United States of America. Also Tony Blair former British Prime Minister, who has always worked for peace bewìewtween Israel and Palestine, said that Israel should renew relationships with the arab world. Netanyahu said that he expected the Obama Administration to oppose any international initiative to advance a resolution on the Israel-Palestinian issue at the United Nations Security Council. Netanyahu, who spoke via satellite after having cancelled his trip to Washington two weeks earlier, said that some members of the international community are interested in forcing Israel to accept U.N. conditions, and he hopes the United States will stick by its longstanding policy and reject these efforts.

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