Naval mine kills Yemeni coastguards in Bab al-Mandeb

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After the US Naval Intelligence Office had warned earlier this week commercial ships from the danger of mine planted by Houthis and Saleh militias in Bab Al-Mandeb strait, two yemeni coastguards were killed and 8 others were wounded when their vessel hit a mine on Friday near the international shipping passage of Bab Al-Mandeb. The explosion occurred during the surveillance tour of the vessel in the region and after the explosion the wounded ones were dispatched to hospitals in Aden, where also the captain of the vessel Safwan al-Ozaybi were brought because he was injured. Moreover the strait is a key point for the international navigations due to its role of link between Aden and the Red Sea, Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the crowded oil passageways in the Middle East and other regions, whith sixty commercial ships that pass on a daily basis carrying more than 3.3 million barrels of oil.

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