Sharaf: We welcome any initiatives for political inclusive, equitable solution for Yemeni people

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Following the statement issued by the US ambassador to Yemen Tueller on Monday, which exposed Washington’s support to peace under the auspices of the United Nations and to the only solution which is through comprehensive peace negotiations in accordance with parallel political and security procedures, the Foreign Minister HishamSharaf said that this confirms what was before announced by the previous US administration. He also added that the use of peace to reach a political solution both on a Yemeni-Yemeni and a Yemeni-Saudi front, is what the Supreme Political Council and the Government of National Salvation are trying to do. Moreover the Minister called on US President Trump to prove the credibility and to stop arms deals exported to Saudi Arabia and he also called for ending logistical and intelligence support to aggression’s countries against Yemen to create a stable situation for any future peace negotiations.

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