Chaos inside Tobruk House of Representatives after MPs failed to select a new team to represent Libyan political dialogue.

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Chaos erupted inside Tobruk-based House of Representatives on Monday after MPs failed to select a new dialogue team to represent them in the forthcoming Libyan political dialogue meetings. MP Faraj Bu Hashem accused Parliament Speaker Aqailah Saleh of creating chaos by attempting to espouse unilateralism. “The parliament speaker is trying to impose his opinion on other MPs”, Bu Hashem posted in his Facebook timeline. The parliament session, which was broadcasted live on TV, saw a heated debate between the MPs over the selection of the new team. Aqailah Saleh wanted the new team to be selected on regional basis by him rather than by election. Using his power, Aqailah rejected the election choice and clung to his regional option, causing anger among the MPs. Other MPs, who are loyal to KhalifaHaftar, wanted the new team members to be made up of the rejectionist MPs of the Libyan political agreement. “The Presidency of the parliament is the one that is entitled to select the new team and the speaker of the parliament is the one who represents the parliament in and outside Libya”, Aqailah said live on TV, adding that discussion over the selection of the new dialogue team was put on agenda to hear the opinions of the MPs only.

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