More women die from henna poisoning in Marj, Libyans are said to be increasingly worried about using it

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Two more women have died of henna poisoning in Marj, it is reported, bringing the number of fatalities to at least 45 in the area in the past six years. It is not thought that henna fatalities are especially prevalent in Marj, rather that they are better reported there. Last year, when Marj’s 43rd victim since the 2011 revolution died, it was said that another 56 women had died from henna poisoning elsewhere in eastern Libya over the same period of time. There are no available statistics for the south and west of the country where henna is also widely used. Its use to decorate hands and other parts of the body is part of traditional culture throughout Libya, especially to celebrate marriage. However, after the rise in deaths resulting from the addition of toxic chemicals to increase production and make more money, Libyans are said to be increasingly worried about using it. DrSulaiman, a specialist on the issue, said chemicals are sometimes added to the henna which can result in circulatory collapse, cardiac arrest and kidney failure. Poisoning is also said to be caused by para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a highly toxic chemical compound used by dealers in order to make the henna a darker colour. PPD causes allergies and skars.

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