The growing ties between Russia and Talibans are an interference in the Afghan affairs

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Afghan politicians and the civil society critized the meeting held on 27 december in Moscow. According to them, this is an interference in the Afghan affairs and they are worried about the growing ties beetwen Russia and Talibans. They said that Russia should support the Afghan government and not funding and arming militants. Ayar, head of the United Afghanistan Party, criticized US and NATO troops for failure to eliminate terrorist groups in the over past 15 years, and he will not allow to turn Afghanistan into a ground for a proxy war. Also the Chairman of the National Peace Party Popal said that the foreign troops arrived in the country to achieve some objects, but these are unachieved. Politicians and civil activists released a declaration in which they pointed out that the relatioship beetwen Talibans, Pakistan and Russia is a clear sign of the support of the foreign countries to the rebel cause.

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