Tuesday’s two bombing attacks in Kabul killed 30 people and wounded 78 others

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Officials revised the casualty toll after Tuesday’s deadly twin-bombings in Kabul and said 30 people had been killed and at least 78 wounded. The attack, which appeared coordinated, took place at around 4pm on Tuesday as a convoy of parliamentary staff was leaving the offices in Darulaman Road in PD6. According to reports a suicide bomber blew himself up first at the entrance to Parliament’s offices and then a suicide car bomber detonated his explosives.
Police immediately cordoned off the area and two hours after the attack ambulances could still be heard transporting the wounded to various hospitals in the city. Among the victims was the head of the NDS zone in the PD7 area who was reportedly killed while a female MP from Herat was among the wounded. No further details were released on the identities of the victims. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack soon after the incident.

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