Online Sexual Extortion: Europol assists Italian National Police

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Europol has successfully supported the Italian and Norwegian national police in preventing the sexual extortion of a young girl. The girl from Norway was sexually exploited through an online messaging platform leading to her producing sexually explicit material for an Italian male.

Posing as someone who was well known to the victim through a fake profile created by him, the male threatened the girl into producing the material and sending it to him. Once she had done so, he made more demands for images and videos threatening to publish online what she had already sent if she did not send more. Unknown to him, the case was already with the Norwegian police and being reported by them to their colleagues in Italy through Europol.

The alert quickly reached Italy’s Servizio Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni and through very efficient collaboration among the Norwegian and Italian police, and Europol the suspect was quickly identified.

The Centro Nazionale per il Contrasto alla Pedopornografia Online (C.N.C.P.O.) of the Servizio Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni secured the cooperation of local detectives to continue the investigation. The police officers, coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, reached the home of the suspect and found him engaged in chats on mobile devices. The devices were seized and will be examined in relation to the reported crimes. The investigation of the suspect is ongoing.

Source : EUROPOL

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