The humanitarian pause in Aleppo has been estende by Russia

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On Friday, Sergey Rudskoi, Head of the Main Operations Directorate at Russia’s General Staff, said that the humanitarian pause in Aleppo has been extended by one day. It will be in force from 8am to 7pm on 22th  of October. The military official pointed out that militants in Syria have built up an armor-backed force of more than 1,200 men ready for mounting an offensive against Aleppo. According to Rudskoi, the militants have tanks, armored vehicles and 20 pickup trucks carrying large-caliber machineguns. In accordance with Rudskoi, the moderate opposition and its curators are obstructing normalization of the situation in Syria’s Aleppo, while the US provides no reaction to Russia’s calls to exert influence on militants in Aleppo to make them stop attacks along humanitarian corridors.

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