Sirte, US could have destroyed Sirte IS within hours had it wanted

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A Bunyan Marsous commander stated that the United States saying that its airstrikes in Sirte have been “useless” and that if Washington had really wanted to, it could have destroyed IS positions and liberated Sirte within a few hours. The claim came today from Brigadier Ibrahim Bait, the spokesman for Misrata’s military council.

He added that America had the technology to end the terrorists’ resistance in a matter of hours, not months. He insisted that warplanes launched from Misrata were more effective than US aircraft in clearing the way for BM forces on the ground.

The US has now launched more than 200 strikes by fast jets, drones and helicopters, the majority believed to be from the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp.  Its operations began in August at the request of the Presidency Council. On Monday the Pentagon announced the strikes would continue for another month and indicated that he would now finding everywhere IS terrorists in Libya. The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has resumed to hit tanks, truck bombs and terrorist strong points.

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