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Migration flows unstoppable created by war and poor economic conditions of many southern states of the world are pushing the frontiers of the European Community. The debate on how to react to this problem unfolds between acceptance and rejection in a Europe that is suffering the most severe economic and demographic crisis of the modern era.


Our project wants to make a report along the borders of Europe to tell the chronicle of this phenomenon, collect the testimonies of migrants, citizens and the institutions of the various countries border giving a chance to those who follow the reports of being able to compare the different policies and listen to all the voices in the game without any mediation.


The young journalists of our editorial staff in teams of two will travel to the places where the flows are more intense and the reaction of the institutions more waiting while preparing a team of analysts and journalists will gather all the information with research on open sources.


EUROPEAN AFFAIRS is an online magazine published by the Centro Studi Roma 3000, a non-profit organization that promotes the socio-economic studies and research projects for new models of sustainable development.

The report should contribute to the analysis of the phenomenon of migration flows in support of new models of welcome.

The support required will be used for travel expenses and production in addition to the purchase of any material helping to achieve.


Editorial Board: Alessandro Conte, James Pratali Viviana Passalacqua

Producer: Alessandro Conte

Mounting: 3K Production

Original Music: Francesco Verdinelli

Reporter: Giacomo Pratali Viviana Passalacqua, Sabiena Stefanj, Paola Longobardi, Carla Melis, Leonardo Pizzuti, Fabrizio Ciannamea


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