UNIFIL: Italian peacekeepers helps Lebanese ISF

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Lebanese authorities are deeply grateful toward the peacekeepers of the UNIFIL mission. The Italian contingent, currently made up of units of the Taurinense Alpine Brigade, completed and inaugurated an important project in favor of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), near two of their facilities in the city of Tyre, in the south of the country.


Specifically, they completed deliveries of four generators of medium and large capacity, installed in the main bases of the ISF to implement the provision of electricity of the centers of command and control of the Internal Security Forces, compensating for the lack of energy, which – in that area – is limited to few hours in daylight.

During the inauguration ceremony, held in base of the command of the 2nd mobile Regiment of ISF, local authorities have expressed appreciation for the cooperation and the proximity of the Italian contingent, dedicated to the support of the Lebanese armed forces as required by UN Resolution 1701.


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