Libya: UN endorsed Libyan deal

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The UN Security Council endorsed UN agreement between Libyan factions on December 23.

Written by UK, the unanimously resolution encouraged new Presidency Council to form national unity government within 30 days. Libyan stabilization is necessary to think about a military operation against Daesh, which will require a new resolution. This vote, which did not end arms embargo, urged all countries to help Libya to defeat Islamic State. UN envoy Martin Kobler is now working to allow new government to safely stay in Tripoli.

So, military intervention is expected from 2016. Italy, which wants to lead international mission, and UK will discuss to define targets and dispositions. Libya’s U.N. ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi said Libya will hold off requesting Western countries, especially US and UK, to bombing Islamic State strongholds. While now, the priority was strengthening Libyan security capabilities with Western training and lifting the U.N. arms embargo.
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