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On December 12 the book “The Islamic state”, published by AGC Communications and written by various authors, will be presented in Rome. The book aims to clarify the dynamics of the threat endangering the West.



The Islamic State represent the only real event of the third millennium, it can rely on well-trained and armed men with clear objectives: gas and oil pipelines, dams, power plants, commercial hub, fertile agricultural areas. Collecting taxes and popular support, it has a court and take instruction for the education of its citizens.

It attracts those who are searching the one Ummah, a community without borders or distinctions of race, offering job opportunities and even career chances. In this State where orphans, poor and elderly are very important, and leader takes a backseat to the Ummah. If Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dies, he will be replaced by a successor elected by the Shura council in concert with the tribal leaders. It’s a complex socio-cultural system, which harmoniously blends traditional elements such as the observance of the Koran, the Sunnah, the principles of medieval texts, the modernity of social media, mass media and communication, information and disinformation, not neglecting a rich film production.

The Islamic State represents an effective combination of philosophy, technology and logic. The news agency AGC Communications works on open sources and monitors the foreign press, with specific reference to the Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus. The book contains a warning to Western governments: if you send ground forces, and if they were captured, they will die in the same manner of the Syrian and Iraqis soldiers, of aid workers taken captive, as the gruesome executions filmed show us. In this war started by the Islamic State there is no place for war prisoners, the only purpose is bringing about “the promise of Allah”, the personal “Armageddon” of the third millennium Caliphate.


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