Alpine Taurinense redeployment in Lebanon

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Handover for the Combat Service Support Battalion of the Joint Task Force Lebanon, in the base “Millevoi” of Shama, Headquarters of the Italian contingent.

Logistics Regiment “Taurinense” Rivoli (To), under the command of Colonel Sergio Conte, replaced the Logistic Regiment “Friuli” Budrio (Bo), under the command of Colonel Daniele Bolzoni. The commander of Sector West of UNIFlL, who attended the ceremony, thanked the soldiers of Logistics Regiment Friuli for their work and their commitment, especially for supporting the entrance into Lebanon of the Alpine Taurinense Brigade, who is conducting the first term in the “cedars’ land. “

During the past half operating, the military Logistics Regiment Friuli ensured the logistical movements by land and sea to the staff of the Italian contingent inflowing and outflowing from Lebanon, managed supplies and ensured the efficiency of equipment and materials. The health unit, who provided assistance to the staff of the base of Shama, carried out several significant “Medical Care” interventions in favor of local population. Finally, the Commander, wished a good work to “his” Logistics Regiment, that completes the deployment of the Alpine Brigade in Lebanon.
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