Simulated war, French Army acquires a global license for SWORD

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Automated war game simulating battles, but with realistic applications. It’s the case of SWORD, the flagship constructive simulation software created by MASA, an innovative company leader in the field of artificial intelligence, which global license has been acquired by French Army. SWORD enables simulated units to act large-scale exercises in the most realistic way possible, while minimizing the combined operating costs and animation effort.

Preparing military staff for action is made much more efficient by training in a realistic operational environment, with joint forces and allies, in a variety of different battlefield scenarios. It means an immediate solution to SOULT (the simulation program for Combined Forces and Ground Logistics Units’ Operations), for the operational preparation of Combined Forces at division, brigade, and battle group command posts. According to Colonel Philippe Dutroncy, (Network Operations Development Service, Land Forces Command), «SOULT will allow the French Army to achieve the following objectives: systematize simulation training as a way to prepare for a wide number of operational engagements, streamline simulation tools deployed in the forces and at training centers, continue expanding the use of simulation for capability preparation or for support on operations.

The flexibility of employment and evolution of SWORD effectively allows us to foresee its use in all types of operational preparation for command posts, but also in training specialist areas (Engineering, Intelligence, Logistics, or CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear), the testing of future military doctrines, the preparation of operations, and for post-operation analysis and conclusions». The military deployment of SWORD is the culmination of a process that responds optimally to the needs expressed by the Armed Forces, which fragmentation has made it necessary to have flexible training tools that let us work effectively with reduced staff numbers and simulate a large variety of situations. The Centre of  Expertise for Information validation and SIMulation (CEISIM), which oversees simulation and digitalization within the French Armed Forces,  will now be tasked to manage the deployment of SOULT and its assimilation by the Army.

Colonel Claude Chary, Commander of CEISIM, adds: «The testing of SWORD, led in conjunction with the military engineering school, conforms perfectly with our policy of deploying simulation solutions whose purpose is to support the decentralized operational preparation of Land Forces. Compatible with the interoperability framework of the French Land Forces, SOULT connects seamlessly with current and future operational information and communication systems».

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