Immigration: waiting for Un Security Council

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A new military plan seems in Mediterranean context after Eu choice to triple Triton funding.

United Nations will call a straordinary Security Council on 18th May, following 1500 migrants died since the beginning of 2015 in the last two months. After the latest European Council, wherein “Triton” are been tripled, Eu is waiting for this assembly to enact a military action against pontoom coming from Libya. Summit will be opened by Federica Mogherini, Eu High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Meanwhile, the number of landings is increasing day by day. Italy and Malta have received 300 and 98 migrants in the last two days. Moreover, Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office is inquiring into supposed shipwreck of 40 people, reported by some witness on board ship and Save The Children, happened on the night of Tuesday 5 May 2015.

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