Bangui: The President Samba-Panza visit the base EURFOR

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Bangui, Central African head of state has visited the base of the military force of the European Union EUFOR RCA, to which Italy participates with a contingent of the Army.

The president had already been in Bangui for the inauguration of the bridge Unit two weeks before and built by engineers of the 2nd Alpini Regiment. During the visit, the highest authority Central met the quotas that constitute EUFOR RCA.
At the booth Italian – after exposure of the means of the genius and the weapon system mounted on armored Hitrole Lynx – the President thanked the engineers for the construction of the bridge which allowed to bring together three zones divided by the conflict broke out in 2013, as well as for the rehabilitation of several streets of the capital and for the reclamation of the water network conducted last year by the 8th genius paratroopers.

The works produced by the mission in Bangui are vital for the pacification of the city beyond the security bubble still lives strong safety problems. The construction of new roads and infrastructure of the bridge link as allow you to make more usable and therefore safe arre of the city.

The Importance was emphasized at the end of the visit to the base by President Catherine Samba-Panza who greeted the Force Commander of the European, French General Jean-Marc Bacquet and representatives of 13 nations that constitute it, said “the acceptance of all European military by the population in parts of the capital where the relations between the different communities were critical, gained acceptance favoring dialogue to the systematic use of force. “

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