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2017 will be the year of CLAP and dialogue between government and oppositions

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President Maduro during an interview with the National Television hoped that 2017 is the year of the Local Committees for Supply and Production, or CLAP, created by the government in 2016 with the objective of minimizing the food crisis by delegating the management of resources to the local committees with charge of organizing and redistribute the production. In 2017 Maduro would like the CLAP to become an example of fair and sustainable economy. For this purpose has announced that it has allocated the sum of 9.936 billion Bolivars for the construction of shops for CLAP and also the President recalled that 2017 will be the ‘year of dialogue between government and opposition, after a 2016 fraught with tension, finally seems to register a more relaxed climate between the government and its opponents. Ultimately, Maduro also mentioned that soon the army will be involved in a series of exercises defined by himself: “anti-imperialist”.

2017: the year of dialogue between government and opposition political forces

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, during an interview with Radio Miraflores, has announced that 2017 will be the year of dialogue between government and opposition political forces. Maduro acknowledged that dialogue and cooperation are the only way to save Venezuela, battered by a serious economic crisis, also it announced that the CLAP, local committees of supply and production, in the coming days will deliver toys to the kids of the poorest zones of the Country.

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