Happy International Museum Day!

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This is just a small tribute to all the incredibly brave people, who have been fighting and risking their own lives, to preserve and rescue our worldwide historical and archaeological heritage, as well as the core of our often forgotten thousand-year-old civilizations.

Inside Mosul Museum/ Eleonora Vio


Inside what ISIS left of Mosul Museum/ Eleonora Vio


Head of the Heritage Buildings in Mosul and archaeologist Layla Salih assesses the damages inside Mosul Museum/ Eleonora Vio


Because of ISIS snipers located all around, archaeologist Layla Salih is forced to leave Mosul Museum from a hole carved on a side wall/ Eleonora Vio

Special thanks to Layla Salih, one of the most courageous women I’ve ever met.

All pictures were taken at Mosul Historical Museum, in the western side of Mosul city, in April 2017.

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