Syria: Turkish-Backed Rebels Take Dabiq

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Turkish-backed rebels have captured the Syrian town of Dabiq from the Islamic State, rebel commanders and monitors said Oct. 16, BBC reported. A rebel group also claimed it had recaptured the neighboring village of Soran. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 1,200 Islamic State fighters had been brought in to defend Dabiq, while 2,000 rebel fighters were involved in the offensive, supported by Turkish tanks, artillery and airstrikes from international coalition warplanes. Resistance from Islamic State fighters was reportedly “minimal” before they eventually withdrew south toward al-Bab. Dabiq features heavily in Islamic State propaganda because of a prophecy of a climactic battle between Muslims and non-Muslims before the end of the world. In August, Turkey launched an offensive to clear the border region of the Islamic State and Kurdish rebels that had been making gains in northern Syria.



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