Nigeria, Chibok girls: talks with Boko Haram?

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari informed media he wants to negotiate with Boko Haram to Chibok girls’ release, after their kindapping in 2014: “If there is a plausible leader who tell us where are the girls, we’ll be ready to negotiate with them without preconditions, ” he told press.

Meanwhile, the 2015 finished with other 80 killed. Last December 28, Boko Haram attacked on mosques, markets and bus stations through several young female suicide bomber. Terrorist attacks especially happened in Borno State and followed many others occured during December.

Statistics about Boko Haram are clear. Since 2014, at least 5600 civilians were killed, while over 2000 women and girls were kidnapped: they were reduced to slavery or enlisted. And, as reported by UNICEF, over 1 million children abandoned school among Nigeria, Camerun, Chad and Niger.
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