Lebanon, joint exercises for Taurinense Brigade

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New round of joint exercises for Taurinense Mountain Brigade, who is leading the command of Sector West of UNIFIL mission in Lebanon. The activities cycle, planed to maintain their training level and to implement procedures with units coming from other countries, were concluded with the final coaching day near the village of Naqoura. In this area converged Italian maneuvering units, engaged with French and Ghanaian equivalent units in the simulation of a serious accident and of the following management of tension escalation. During the training the exploring units of the Nizza Cavalry Regiment, providing the Sector Mobile Reserve (reserve unit and rapid deployment) of the western sector of the UNIFIL mission, have implemented the application of standard procedures and rapid intervention. At the same time, the Brigade Taurinense staff, was responsible for coordinating and implementing the procedures of command and control through a series of specific exercises wich involved, now, most of the employed units, both national and foreign. All this within the framework of the activities undertaken by the Alpine troops in southern Lebanon, where, since two months, they ensure the control of the territory in their area of responsibility, in close coordination with the Lebanese armed forces, through continued joint patrols and a capillary presence on the territory, using the maneuver units of Nizza Cavalry Regiment (1st) and of the Alpine Battalion L’Aquila.
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