Crimea to Russia, Ukraine asks maxi compensation

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The International Court will judge the question of annexation of Crimea to Russia. Ukraine has made its calculations, and a maxi compensation request will be presented to the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for having stealed the peninsula. Russia is accused of having supported the rebels who have been fighting for autonomy.




So, after reaching it last year by means of a referendum, they have become part of the Russian Federation. As announced by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the economic compensation required will also include the losses suffered because of the occupation of the Donbas’ territories and because the Yukos case, oil giant failed. Dates back to 2014, the sentence issued by the Aia Court of Arbitration in charge of Russia, ordered to pay 50 billion dollars to the former shareholders of the company founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Billionaire compensation request from Ukraine will be “a nine zeros figure”, as Klimkin said publicly, explaining how the share also includes the natural resources that Russia has appropriated annexing those areas. According to the Ukrainian authorities, the judgment of the International Court will wait for a long time, at least 4 years old, which in all likelihood will become 6. Meanwhile, the interest for Crimea increases continuously: businessman from Switzerland and Italy have announced site visits and business trips in the Black Sea, attracted by the tourism sector, especially by resorts, and also by the construction sector.

As stated by Zaur Smirnov, head of the Committee for International Relations of Crimea, these agreements have been signed during the visit of the Delegation of the Crimea in Dagestan, and its investment volume amount to 10 billion euros.

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