Libya and Mali: Jihadism challenges European and International paralysis

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Jihadist threat is coming from even the south, not only the east. Libya and Mali have been protagonist two raid by Isis and Al Qaeda.

An attack on the Al Ghani oil field, south of Sirte, now controlled by the Islamic State, has resulted in the killing of 11 guards, including 8 beheaded, in early March. The action took place near the site where the execution of the 21 Egyptian Copts happened. At least five oil deposits from Tripoli to the borders with Cyrenaica are targeted by rebels. But the institutional and political chaos are going on Libya because of contrast between Tobruk (recognize by majority of International Community) and Tripoli (protected by Turkey and Qatar) governments.

An instability which reigned in the neighbour Mali. About 40 rockets have hit the Un camp of ‘Minusma’ in the Kidal region (north-east) on Saturday 7th March. They’ve originated at least 3 killed, including a soldier of the International mission. The raid is due to revolutionary groups influenced by Al Qaeda.

The political and institutional situation is very critical in this country since two years. United Nations and France are helping the government to stop jihadist movements in the north-east of the country. Cruel actions happen every week. Like 5 people killed in a resturant of capital city Bamako.

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi applied on help to international community and to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the last week. This because of Un must find a fast solution to solve Libyan chaos. After the mistake made in 2011, it wishes for a diplomatic solution. However the peace talks between Tobruk and Tripoli governments are basic, despite the pressures of Egypt on one side, and Turkey and Qatar on the other hand.

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