Ukraine, Minsk pact is creaking

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Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko and Putin has condemned violation of cease of fire in East Ukraine, after capture of Debalteseve from separatists. Meanwhile, it’s arm wrestling between Moscow and Nato, after Stoltenberg’s recent choice to increase defences in Baltic States.

“Smacks of genocide”. This Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 25th February after Ukrainian institutions gas reduction to Donbass region. “Furthermore, international observers spoke about humanitarian catastrophe in Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, he continued.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been fights and casualties in 24 hours: it’s the first time after beginning of the year. The respect of cease fire should be also respected by Ukranians troops and rebels retirement from buffer zone of at least 30 miles, under Minsk agreement.

But the level of anxiety is becoming higher. First of all, the Belarusian pacts are inconsistents. Ukrainian and separatists armies continued to fight from 15th to 24th February. Particularly, Pro-Russians defeated Debaltseve, the most important road and railway intersection in Donbass. And they’re thinking to take possession of Mariupol, the most essential port of the Sea of Azov.

Moreover, a psycological war is in progress between Russia and Nato. Despite continuos call conference among Merkel, Hollande, Putin and Poroshenko, who disapproved violation of Minsk agreement especially from separatists, the real argument is between Moscow and members of Atlantic Alliance.

The Stoltenberg’s recent choice to increase defences in Baltic States originated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russia in last days, which spoke of “threat to national security”. Besides Lithuanian President Grybauskaite announced to reintroduce conscription over concerns about “the current geopolitical environment”. And British Prime Minister Cameron and his government told about “hot war” after Uk jets intercepted two russian aircraft above on Cornwall on 19th February.

While Us and Ue are thinking about new economical sanctions, France and Germany must bear down on Ukraine and Russia to respect the cease on fire so to allow to Osce to intervene in Donbass region. Un actually speaks of over 5665 killed and at least 13961 wounded from the beginning of crisis in Ukraine.

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