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Yemen tensions between Houthis and Saleh become public

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The head of the so-called Higher Political Council in Sana’a, Saleh, has canceled the decision of appointing Hisham Sharaf as Foreign Minister to take authority of Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. This lead to discover to clash between the Houthi government leader, Saleh, and the head of non recognized organization, Habtoor. Habtoor is actually the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his proposal was to make belong to his party also Minister of International Cooperation and Planning, but the proposal was rejected by the President Saleh.

Breakthrough meeting in Rome between Ageela Saleh and Abdulrahman Sewehli

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A new path toward Libyan unification, in contrast of recents fights in the country. The presidents of the House of Representatives, Ageela Saleh, and the State Council, Abdulrahman Sewehli, met today in Rome and agreed to work together to resolve the Libyan crisis. The common statement at the end of the meeting announced futures meeting in next weeks. Both Libyan representants, thanked Italian Foreign Minister to have organize this.

Libya: Italy’s ambassador meets HoR speaker in Tobruk for political discussions

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The Italian ambassador in Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, has arrived in Tobruk to meet with the House of Representatives’ Speaker, Aguilah Saleh, to discuss the current political affairs in the country. According to the media office of the HoR, Perrone will discuss about the statu quo in Libya. This will enforce Italian position in Libya. Italy had been the first country to reopen an embassy in Libya, it has also started to issue visas for Libyans three days ago, and offered to open an Italian consulate in eastern Libya.

al-Assiri ousted yemeni President Saleh

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Maj. Gen. al-Assiri in an interview with Russia’s Sputnik and RIA Novosti news agencies said that ousted yemeni President Saleh as a Yemeni citizen will be subjected to trial based on Yemeni law over the “criminal” coup in the country. The Arab coalition also said that all groups that supported the coup will be considered as one body that led Yemen to the destruction and hardship it is currently facing. Furthermore the Arab coalition added its support to the legitimate government.

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