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Jordan Valley: eviction notices to 16 families

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On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation’s civil administration had handed out eviction notices to 16 families in the northern Jordan Valley, and another threat to stop construction of a mineral water collector. The administration gave out the eviction notices so as to hold military drills in the area named Khirbet Humsa, and will evict 85 people from their houses tomorrow, on Thursday. In the same context, IOF gave out another order to halt construction of a mineral water pool in Al-Farisiyya area, Jordan valleys, that is funded by the European Union.

Community center and a home in Yatta demolished by IOF

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Israeli occupation bulldozers on Tuesday morning have demolished a community center and a home in Umm Al-Kheir community in Yatta town, southern Hebron Hills. Israeli military jeeps broke into Umm Al-Kheir in the early morning hours. The Israeli civil administration and a tank followed them and began the demolition process. This is the second time the community center is demolished, adding that Israeli forces harass the people and restrict their movement since the community is located in C areas of the West Bank, which fall under Israeli civil and military control and face ongoing settlement expansion and demolition of Palestinian houses.

13 Palestinians kidnapped during West Bank raids by IOF

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IOF on Tuesday overnight have kidnapped 13 Palestinians from cities all over the West Bank. The raids included heavy fire and teargas grenades in Askar refugee camp near Nablus, causing intense clashes. On the other hand, IOF arrested a Palestinian child near the Ibrahimi Mosque for allegedly possessing a knife. The child was then transferred to Ofer military center for investigation. In Jenin, clashes broke out in Anin and Zabouba towns after Israeli forces stormed the two towns amid heavy use of teargas bombs. Several injuries were reported during the clashes. Similar raids were carried out in Beit Ummar town in al-Khalil where several homes were stormed and a number of local youths were summoned for investigation including an ex-detainee.

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