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European Air Transport Command, the Italian participation is operational

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The Italian participation in the European Air Transport Command is operational. On December 4th 2014, Italy joined the protocol “pool & sharing” of military aviation, also signed by France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The purpose of the agreement – belonging to the Security Policy and Common Defense – is to improve and to optimize available resources, through the standardization of procedures and the use of a common fleet, larger than those of the individual countries. The Italian Air Force has carried out the “transfer of authority” to EATC (European Air Transport Command) of most of the fleet of transport aircraft, aerial refueling and medical evacuation. Specifically, the European Command will manage 31 aircraft including C-27J, C-130J and KC 767, belonging to the 46th Air Brigade of Pisa and the 14th Wing of Pratica di Mare, depending on the Command of Support and Special Forces. If national requirements make it necessary, it is possible to require control of the aircrafts, thanks to the mechanism of the revoke transfer of authority. In addition to the significant cost savings provided, the Italian adhesion to EATC enhances the ability of military aviation of excellence – such as transportation in high bio-containment – “turning” it in “receivable accounts” with aircrafts of other EU nations participating. It gains greater flexibility and reduce the outsourcing of commercial aircraft in case of unavailability of the national ones. The subscription permit to access an “oversize” transport capacity, ensure greater correspondence between aircraft type and characteristics of the request, with a substantial improvement of the cost effectiveness throughout the industry.
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