Yemen: Saudi Arabia employed Us cluster bombs

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Human Rights Watch exposed Riyadh and Washington to use unexploded mines against Houtii rebels.

Saudi Arabia used Us-supplied cluster bombs against Houtii rebels. It’s disclosed by Human Right Watch, which explained to have evidence about it. Riyadh denied every charges, but some YouTube videos posted by local residents validated Hrw denunciation. Every cluster bomb leave behind about 300 unexploded mines. These should made from Us, which Hrw accused to procure them to Saudi Arabia aviation.

Meanwhile, Yemen will put in for accession to Gulf Cooperation Council (Gcc). Born in 1981, this International organization was founded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Uae, Kuwait, Bahrein and Oman as reaction to Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Yemen should be entered in Gcc in 2015 like other countries decided in 2005. After a monitoring decade, where members tried to help Yemen failure economy, this countries decide to bomb Houtii establishments to substain President Hadi. Now, Saudi Arabia and other nations have to set if Yemen’s admission will be a benefit or will damage Gulf countries.

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