Libya: Leon pushes through formation of national unity government

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Head of the United Nations Support Mission is searching a quick solution to stop Islamic State advance. But President al Thani and General Haftar could sabotage the agreement between Tobruk and Tripoli.

Bernardino Leon reached Libya to meet Tobruk and Tripoli governments on 23rd March, after negotiations in Morocco. A possible solution to the instability of the North African country was originating during the last two days: “A government of national unity could be in place by the end of the week” , said Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya. Indeed, a solution is necessary because this context allowed Islamic State to capture Derna and Sirte.

First of all, the agreement could include the establishment of a House of Representatives which is an all Libyans legislative. Then, the establishment of a Presidential Council, composed of a Chairman and Vice-Chairmen, and a Council of State which collects the majority of two parliaments’ Members.

Fast Leon’s diplomatic action is due to the risk that President al Thani and General Haftar want to sabotage the agreement. Indeed, Tobruk government intends to reconquer Tripoli, like disclosed on 20th March, but International Community takes issue with this military action. Moreover, Libyan context could get worse because Misrata troops is actually fighting against jihadists in Sirte, but it’s opposed to General Haftar and Egypt.
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