Tunis: 25 several nationality tourists killed. But Un and Eu keep quiet

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25 killed and about 50 wounded. This is the official count of attack on Bardo Museum in Tunis on 18th March unofficially claimed by Is propaganda on Twitter. Meanwhile, 10 people have been arrested on Thursday: “Security forces were able to arrest four people directly linked to the terrorist operation and five suspected of having ties to the cell”, said Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi.

18 victims are several nationality tourists 5 Japaneses, 4 Italians, 2 Colombians, 2 Spaniards, 1 from Uk, Australia, France and Poland, more 3 . They journed with two cruise companies, Msc and Costa, which have suspended stopmovers in Tunis.

Secretary General Nato Jens Stoltenberg, like many Prime Ministers, “condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack in Tunisia. I offer my profound condolences to President Essebsi and to the Tunisian people. My thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones and with those who have been wounded”. But the real match is about African and Middle East destiny.

The jihadist action is an attack not only to youth Tunisian democracy, but also to tourism industry. Infact, tourists who visited this country in 2014 are more 6 million. And this brought 15% of total Gdp.

In the same day of jihadist attempt, the parliament was discussing about anti-terrorism law. So the problematic scenario of North Africa complicated Tunisian recostitution after Arab Spring in 2011, where Muslim Brotherood and secular factions is trying to give a democratic way to their country. At the same time a large part of young people left his nation to fight in Syria or Iraq, or to learn military education in Libya, like two Is militants who killed in Bardo Museum.

Not only. Terrorism and immigration problems need a strong answer from European countries. “Today all the levels of mobilization alert for the security forces are at the maximum and concentrated on the terrorism threat”, said Italian Foreing Minister Paolo Gentiloni. But Un and Eu silence noise neverthless the enemy is nearby or “lives at home”, like the foreign fighters.

Conquest of Derna and Sirte in Libya should have called International Community to a strategic solution from at least three months. The wrong military action in 2011 has suggested carefullness. However, a reconcialiation between Tobruk and Tripoli governments could be the first step to defeat the Islamic State threat.

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