South Sudan: failure of peace talks after 14 months’ civil war

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President Kiir and rebels commander Machar haven’t found an agreement. Regular army and insurgents are carrying on fight to oil control. Meanwhile the Ethiopian government has lost his patience.

South Sudan army and fighters have collided in South Sudan on Saturday a day after warring factions missing and failure of peace talks. Ethiopia agreement, between Presidente Salva Kiir and rebels commander (ex Vice President) Riek Machar, should have ended the civil war on late January. Nevertheless they’re carrying on struggle since 14 months

Regular troops and insurgents have fighted in Bahr al-Ghazal and Upper Nile States on 7th March, said Wsj. While they’ve crashed in Unity State on 11st February. All these regions are crucial cause are oil-rich.

Ethiopian government, the peace arbitrator between two factions, has called “unacceptable” failure of the parties to reach agreement by the moral and political points of views. And charged with Kiir and Machar for South Sudan population’s treason. It is not still known when tranquility talks will reclaim.

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