Libya, Islamic Caliphate at Italy’s door

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“An Islamic Caliphate at our door is more than a possibility. We need Onu’s help to bring in Libya. So Interior Italian Minister Angelino Alfano has spoken about of Islamist infiltration’s risk in Italy. But these words, which has followed Foreign Italian Minister Paolo Gentiloni, are late as Libyan context is collapsing during the last year.

Meanwhile, on the 16th Febraury night, Egyptian aviation, in cooperation with Libyan air force, has bombed Isis targets in Derna as a consequence of beheadings of 21compatriot Christians. “The plan is to target all Is locations in the country wherever they are”, has announced Egyptian President al Sisi.

Sirte conquered from Isis on 13rd Febraury, which also controls all Cyrenaica. Italians’ rempatriation on 16th February. Libyan institutional situation out of control, with legal al Thani government against al Hassi government. Therefore, the Sunni risk is just knocking to the Europe door.

Probably, Italy and all Western partners realize Isis’ advance through Libya too late. And only today, Rome “has discovered” that terrorists, hidden by immigrants, could put to sea to reach Southern Italy coasts.

But today the reaction must be different compared with 2011, when France decided to bomb Libyan troops to strike out Gaddafi’s regime. From that moment, a social and instituional chaos started. The Hollande’s request of immediate convocation of Un Security Council mustn’t propose again the same situation. For this reason, US and European Union will have to put a comprehensive solution for Libya.

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