Lebanon, Hezbollah attack: three killed in “Blue Line”

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Three killed in “Blue Line”, where the borders of Lebanon, Israeli and Syria meet, on 28th January 2015. Two Israeli soldiers was slayed and seven was injured during the Hezbollah attack in Shebaa Farms area, where an Israeli convoy was hit by anti-tank missiles . And close to the disputed  between two armies, one Unifil peacekeeper was accidentally assassinated.

“Our country’s prepared to act powerfully on all fronts”, commented Israeli’s Premier Netanyahu. While a Tel Aviv government spokesman revealed that “we fight every Hezbollah assault with our air force and artillery” Instead, for a mouthpiece Un for Unifil “Blue Line” area needs “maximum restraint to prevent an escalation”, but defined an “accident” without detailing the source of the fire the peacekeeper’s killed. In Al Jazeera opinion, the guilty could be Israeli’s army.

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