Rome: Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Senate Pier Ferdinando Casini meets Marzouq Alì alGhanim

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They talked about the perfect ties between Kuwait and Italy and discussed about global Islamic terrorism. They agree how to shut down Isis in Middle East: not only a military battle, but also a cultural action

Pier Ferdinando Casini, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Senate, met Marzouq Alì al Ghanim, Speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait, on 27th november 2014 in Rome. Kuwatian ambassador e some member of Italian Parliament took part too.

The discussion was about global Islamic terrorism and battleground in Siria e Iraq. Al Ghanim would wish a common action within Usa and European Union against new Caliphate. Instead, Casini remembered him he special friendship relationship with Kuwait since the First Gulf War and arranging with Speaker of National Assembly of Kuwait told: “It’s not necessary only a military action, but we’d search an action at the cultural and educational levels”.

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