Moldova parliamentary elections, the pro-Ue coalition noses out pro-Russia parties

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Liberals reach 48% of costituency, opponents 38. Stoltenberg congratulates the people of Moldova but warns Putin not to meddle with Chisinau internal policy


The last elections in Moldova underline a not clear situation. Infact, the socialist party results the first one in the country (21%), but the first coalition is liberal electoral roll (48%). Instead, the coalition near Moscow earns about 38%. With 54 or 55 seats, negotiations about new executive branch could be difficult.

“I congratulate the people of Moldova for the parliamentary elections held this Sunday – says Jens Stoltenberg, Nato Secretary General – that were carried out generally in line with European standards. The Moldovan people made their choice and everyone must respect it”. These words seem an advertisment to Putin, who alerted Chisanau about Ue approach last october.

“Moldova is a valued partner of the Alliance, including as a contributor to our mission in Kosovo. We will continue our cooperation with Moldova in the framework of the Individual Partnership Action Plan, and we look forward to working with the new authorities with a view to make broad use of our new partnership initiatives launched at our Wales Summit in September”, closes his speach.

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