Italian Marines Case, Indian media talks about a behind scene dialogue between two governments

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The three-years deadlock about Italian Marines Case. Indian Government looks up to negotiation. However the decision is “judicial competence” in Government spokesman’s opinion


“The Government of Delhi has changed attitude and talks behind the scenes with the Italian government”. This is the Indian media’s opinion about Marines Case. And to prove it would be the different behavior held by the executive and the Supreme Court in September when Massimiliano Latorre was sent back to Rome for serious health reasons

Neverthless, the newly appointed Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni talks about “absolutely disappointing results” in the negotiations on last three years. While the former head of the Foreign Ministry , now the EU High Representat ive of Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini, interviewed to ‘La Repubblica’ on 27th December, has very clearly claimed: “As I already said in the past, when I was Ministry, I tried to complete preliminary procedure of international law arbitration, but it’s too long. Now, I keep following this case along with Italian Government”.

“The EU – continues – has repeatedly been asking over a right solution for everyone for the last three years. Neverthless, but we’re waiting for a solution so this situation is not just painful for the two marines, their families and Italy , but it can also affect the EU – India relations and the global fight against piracy in which the EU has been strongly committing”, said Lady Pesc.

But the Indian Media optimism opposes Government spokesman Syed Akbaruddin, who has said on 26th December: “It’s very difficult to explain the question as it’s judicial competence. The Indian Government could have its opinion, but we have to wait judicial decision”.

This spokesman’s speech is in line with Salvatore Girone’s Christmas greetings to his family and friends and Massimiliano Latorre’s possible comeback in India after his healing in Italy. In the last few days, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has told about “lack of cooperation by India” and “malfunctioning of the Indian justice system in the case of two marines” accused of killing two Indian fishermen during an anti-piracy mission in 2012.

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