Afghanistan, Isaf ending: high rating from Stoltenberg

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Nato Secretary General talks about “challenging mission” which made “Afghanistan stronger”. Soldiers dead are 3482. Usa will totally retire his armed forces in 2016. And Putin promises his support to Kabul after North Atlantic retirement


During the meeting between Nato and Isaf on 17th December, Jens Stoltenberg spoke about the ending of mission in Afghanistan: “”For well over a decade, our nations stood shoulder to shoulder in the largest coalition for peace and stability in history. This has been a challenging mission, in many respects. Militarily. Politically. Economically. But we have met these challenges. Together – added -, we have done what we set out to do. With a clear United Nations mandate, we have denied safe haven to international terrorists. We have made Afghanistan stronger. And we have made our own nations safer. Challenges still remain. But today, Afghanistan is more stable and prosperous than ever”, finished.

Started with intention to defeat Taliban warriors on 11st August 2003 after World Trade Center attacks, Isaf implicated about 58000 soldiers in Afghanistan, at his height with 140000 in 2011. All dead were 3482, of which 2354 Americans. Italian contingent installed in Herat Region from 2004 and 48 of them died. During his closing address (‘Casing of Colors’) at Kabul airport on 8th December, Commander-in-Chief and General John F. Campbell proclaimed that “at the beginning of 2015 Us soldiers will be about 10000 and they’ll withdrow in the last part of 2016”. Furthermore, Nato will start mission called “Resolute Support”. It will not involve combat, but it’ll primarily support Afghan ministries and institutions until 2025.

Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin, during the Csto meeting on 6th November 2014, promised support to Afghanistan (Csto holding observer in 2011) after Isaf withdrawal: “We understand that the withdrawal of the international military contingent will not make the situation easier. But in case of necessity we will be ready to lend our friends in Afghanistan a shoulder to lean on in order to keep the situation in this country stable and with perspectives of development”. Russian leader’s speech could warn Nato and Usa about new Cold War battleground in Asia, after Ukraine in the last year.

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