Yemen: Saudi Arabia bombed Shiites rebels

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Following the attempted of the capital city Aden, Houti are been attacked by Saudi Arabia and allies. Us supports this military operation. But a large-scale fight between Shiites and Sunnis could cause a global war

Saudi Arabia bombed the Shiites Houti of Sanaa in Yemen during the night of 26th March. United States encouraged it through logistical support and intelligence. Whereas Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt and Pakistan actively supported this military operation. Raid would have occurred following the attempted conquest of the capital city Aden by the rebels and the subsequent ouster of former President Mansour, already confined to the south of the Arab state since the beginning of 2015, and forced to take refuge in Djibouti.

Yemen is not only the scene of a bloody civil war, but a large-scale clash between Shiites and Sunnis. A fourfold kamikaze attack caused more than 150 victims in Sanaa mosques no later than 20th March.

From the Washington point of view, this fight, including almost the entire Arab world, does not conducive to the rise of a strong power which controls the whole area. Conversely, there are at least two reasons that might precipitate the situation, after already exasperating ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq and the establishment of the Caliphate in Libya and Nigeria.

Yemen could turn into a state ready to accept not only the Sunni Isis sympathizers, but also able to raise al Qaeda. which has always had a strong influence on the population here. And the Yeminis Sunnis alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar is worsing the context.

Another complicated situation is about Iran. Relations between the United States and this country have become increasingly friendly. Like the possibile agreement on nuclear and the logistical and military cooperation against Isis in Iraq. But everything could fade away could jump if Houti asked help to Iran, which, through the Minister of Foreign Affairs Afkham, condemned the military operation and asked to “stop the bombing against Yemen and its population.”

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