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China and Japan: agreement to expand cooperation


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday agreed that the two countries should work together to further improve bilateral ties and expand cooperation. China and Japan are important neighbors and bilateral relationship has gone through some twists and turns in recent years, which affected communication and cooperation of the two sides in various areas, said Wang. year, he said. The Chinese top diplomat, who arrived in Japan Sunday for a three-day visit, expressed the hope that with efforts from both sides, his visit could become an important step for bilateral relationship to return to normal track. Saying that the momentum of improvement in bilateral ties did not come by easily, he emphasized that it should be cherished. He also said that China attaches importance to the positive remarks made by Abe on the Belt and Road Initiative, and Japan will joining the Belt and Road construction. 

BiH needs cooperation to maintain peace and stability

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Mladen Bosić, claimed that BiH needs firmer and better cooperation as well as more talks and negotiations in order to preserve regional peace and stability. Bosić also pointed out the importance of a more determined fight against crime and corruption, and the problem of rising populism, “strong leaders” and undermining democratic institutions. In BiH, organized crime, corruption and money laundering are a major problem. Stronger European support, exchange of experiences and better regional cooperation in the fight against crime, corruption and other deviations that are eroding BiH’s society, according to Bosić, are necessary. Therefore, accession of the country to the European Union would be much more than membership. 

Egypt, Italy cooperate for fighting illegal migration

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Egypt and Italy are cooperating for training cadres from African countries on fighting illegal migration. A workshop of a training program was held in the Egyptian Police Academy. The workshop was attended by Tunisia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Senegal, Niger, Morocco, Mali and other African countries along with Spain and France.

Macedonia and Albania cooperation against terrorism


Skopje and Pristina concluded a memorandum of police cooperation in the field of terrorism. The memorandum has been signed Saturday by Macedonian and Albanian Interior Ministers, respectively, Oliver Spasovski and Fatmir Xhafaj, in Ohrid. The document foresees exchange of information of individuals and groups considered potential perpetrators of terrorist actions both in the two countries and in the whole region. Macedonia’s Interior Ministry expressed to consider the terrorism as a global threat as well as a risk for the countries in the Balkans. Thus, the memorandum envisages the terrorism from a preventive and repressive way. Spasovski stated Interior Ministries ‘are actively cooperating in protection and control of the border but also providing easy flow of people and goods’. From his part, Xhafaj noted that the agreement is on cooperation as for present than for future. Moreover, the two countries ‘should follow the excellent relations between as appropriate to two neighbors and our cooperation as ministries to follow those principles and thus contribute to greater security that can be a positive example for the region. The meeting concerned also the cooperation between Macedonia and Albania in the fields of drug trafficking, arms smuggling, exchange of information, experiences and positives practices, promotion of cooperation bilaterally and in the regional framework. In addition, Spasovski stated to support the initiative of the Albanian Police to establish a regional center for police cooperation of the Western Balkan countries.

MoI, involvement of internal people in Kabul attacks


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul have been taken place in cooperation of internal and influential people in the country. “Despite terrorist attacks organize outside the country but without a doubt they have their influential people inside the country”, said Nasrat Rahimi, spokesman of MoI. According to Afghan military analyst, the Government can easily identify and arrest these influential people through investigation. Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has suffered three deadly attacks in a little over one week.

The US Ambassador’ speech


US Ambassador to Algiers, John Desrocher, delivered a speech on Monday, January 15 at the Diplomatic Institute and International Relations (IDRI), in which he returned to the Algerian-American prospects for the cooperation between the two countries.
“I have the impression that Algeria – its people, its culture, its history – is not well understood in the United States. I would like to try to start changing that. We also want to share America with you, “he said. He clarified Washington’s priorities in his future cooperation with Algiers. “First, we will work to strengthen our bilateral security cooperation to fight terrorism and promote regional stability. Secondly, we want to develop bilateral trade and investment. Finally, we will continue to work with our Algerian partners to foster links between the two peoples and dialogue on topics covering our entire relationship. Of course, diplomatic, political and economic issues are essential, but we also hope to expand our relations in the cultural and educational fields, “he said.

Russia and China to solve North Korea crisis


Russia and China are set to strengthen cooperation to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Saturday after a meeting of Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov and Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou. The diplomats “shared views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia. Both sides emphasized that Russia and China need to strengthen cooperation in order to de-escalate tensions and find a solution to the whole range of problems the subregion is facing on the basis of jointly drafted peace initiatives”, says the statement posted on the ministry’s website. Tensions on the Korean Peninsula again flared up in late November when Pyongyang carried out a new missile launch after a 75-day pause. Pyongyang claimed that this missile was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and the entire territory of the US was within its range. The UN Security Council adopted unilaterally tougher sanctions against North Korea.

Algeria and France signed cooperation agreements in Paris


Eleven cooperation agreements between Algeria and France were signed Thursday in Paris, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of the two countries, Ahmed Ouyahia and Edouard Philippe, at the end of the 4th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of High Level (CIHN) . The eleven agreements concern the sectors of economy, higher education, health  and culture. The two parties concluded with a partnership agreement on the creation of excellence training courses in the energy, electricity and automation trades. industrial. In the same vein, a declaration of intent was signed by the PSA-Peugeot Group, the Algerian Ministry of Vocational Training and Education and the French Ministry of Education, creating in Oran, a training center for the automotive trades. In terms of higher education, the two countries have agreed on a framework convention on research and training and research on the French language and Francophone expressions (LaFEF).

Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania: possibilities for fostering defense cooperation


The Macedonian, Bulgarian Defense Ministers and Albanian Deputy DM, Radmila Sekerinska, Krasimir Karakachanov and Petro Kochi respectively, discussed Friday in Ohrid on possibilities for fostering the cooperation in the sphere of defense.Today we have expressed political will to strengthen our cooperation in defense and our teams will begin to prepare plans for 2018, Sekerinska said after the meeting, which ‘voiced strong support for the Alliance’s open door policy and Macedonia’s full-fledged NATO membership.’ The closer cooperation between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania doesn’t cover only the economic cooperation with respect to Corridor 8, but may also be extended to the sphere of defense, Karakachanov said.Kochi said that Albania and Bulgaria would be staunch advocates for Macedonia to join NATO as soon as possible, as the membership status is significant not only to the citizens of the country, but also to the region as a whole.

 Iranian, Armenian Top Diplomats Discuss Bilateral Ties


On Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, with a high-ranking delegation of diplomats and businessmen from the country’s private sector, met his Armenian counterpart, Eduard Nalbandyan in the Armenian capital of Yerevan to discuss about a range of issues, including ways to improve bilateral relations between the two countries. Zarif highlighted the necessity for further efforts to expand the ties in political and economic areas and to increase closer Tehran-Yerevan cooperation in the areas of oil, gas, electricity, and transit. He also stressed the need to facilitate transportation and eliminate problems fronting by companies of the two countries for cooperation. The Armenian Foreign Minister, for his part, hailed bilateral relations between Iran and Armenia as increasing and said that his country is ready to boost the relations with the Islamic Republic in all areas, economy in particular. After the meeting, Zarif participated in a joint business forum of the two countries in Yerevan and delivered a speech at the event.

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