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Aprile 2023

A Threat that Should Be Responded: Putin Intends to Send His Agents to EU Countries

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The Kremlin is creating an network of his «supporters» among thenational diasporas of various countries. It used freedom of speech in European countries, holding and promoting pro-Russian rallies, which are, in fact, provocations and the threat of mass riots. Now, Putin is trying to flood the EU with mercenaries from the PMC. They are trained killers and terrorists. Migration control over the RF’s citizens trying to enter the EU (even from third countries) should be strengthened. Even if it is necessary to cancel the granting of Schengen visas to Russians. This is the key to maintain peace and stability in Europe. After all, terrorists and mercenaries enter the EU under the guise of Russian migrants and political refugees. They will perform the Kremlin’s task of destabilizing Europe there.

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