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Dicembre 2023

Collectively deterring Russia key to preventing major war in Europe

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The processes unfolding in Russia testify to the Kremlin’s preparation for large-scale territorial expansion into Europe. During 2024, spending on the army and defense industry will for the first time make up a third of all budget expenditures. In particular, under the National Defense budget section, Russia plans to spend 6% of the GDP, which is 70% higher against 2023. It is predicted that the financing of the Russian army in 2025-2026 will further increase: by the end of 2026, the Russian army will likely amount to over 2 million personnel.

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Russia Intensified Its Propaganda in Europe Using Pseudo-Pacifists

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For a long time, Italy continues to be the main subject of Russian propaganda in Europe. In 2023, pseudo-pacifist movements became active in the Italian information space, which actually call on Rome to stop supplying weapons to Ukrainians and negotiatewith Russia. Propaganda is spreading about Italian society’s fatigue from the war, the country’s economic exhaustion, and the need to lift anti-Russian sanctions. There have been growing callsfor a compromise and giving up to Russia the occupied Ukrainian territories. All this is based on the false idea that Vladimir Putin would agree with the current status quo and to stop further Russian aggression against a sovereign country.

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