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A delegation from Palestinian Hamas group in Egypt

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The head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Abbas Kamel received on Friday a delegation from the Hamas group led by Ismail Haniyeh. It included Khalil Al-Haya, Rouhy Moshtaha, and Fathi Hammad. They discussed with Egyptian officials about security and humanitarian conditions in Gaza in order to set a special timetable concerning the reconciliation agreement signed by the two main Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah. The Egyptian General Mohamed Ibrahim said that the current difficulties are linked to the decision of the mechanisms of the work of the Palestinians ministries, but also to the tension between the groups’ leaders. He added that the Egyptian mediation is important for the implementation of the agreement as the groups flexibility.

China’s top envoy Yang Jiechi tells Donald Trump: let’s boost coordination on North Korea


China’s State Councillor Yang Jiechi called for Beijing and Washington to improve coordination on the North Korea nuclear threat. Yang met US President Donald Trump during the two-day visit and said both nations should maintain close exchanges at all levels. China and the US have been divided on how to deal with North Korea, with China repeatedly warning the US not to attempt a pre-emptive strike on the country and Trump reportedly mulling precisely that.

Duterte warns he’ll order navy to fire if sea resources stolen


President Rodrigo Duterte told a news conference late on Friday that the Philippines will continue talks with China over disputed South China Sea territories. He also stressed the Philippines’ sovereign rights over Benham Rise, a vast offshore frontier off his country’s northeast. Duterte said he has no intention of going into war over territorial feuds but will order the navy to fire if other countries extract resources from waters within his country’s exclusive economic zone.

The humanitarian corridor in support of Bangassou’s Muslim refugees is finally accessible

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After the blockade lasted around one month, the humanitarian corridor has finally restart working in Xinua , central city of Bangassou (southeast), where are standing the Muslims refugees. Regarding the reopening of the humanitarian corridor, the groups of self-defence of Bangassou have finally affirmatively responded to the appeals of the Authorities, allowing so to provide food and medicines. Tuesday and Saturday, around 2.000 Muslims refugees are withdrawn in the smaller seminar of Saint Louis.

NATO ships visit Bourgas, Bulgaria


Three NATO ships in the Black Sea are visiting Bourgas, in Bulgaria, from February 9 to 11. NATO’s Allied Maritime Command announced that these ships “are conducting a routine port visit to Bourgas as part of Nato’s increased presence in the Black Sea region to support national sovereignty through collective defense”.

BiH must abandon the rhetoric of division


Regarding the statement made by the BiH Presidency Chairman and HDZ BiH leader Dragan Čović, in which he claimed that civilian BiH meant the rise of Islamic State in the country, the US Embassy in BiH stated that it is necessary for BiH leaders to abandon the rhetoric of division and embrace commitment to solving daily problems of citizens so as to launch the country forward in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.

OSCE MG co-chairs visit Azerbaijan’s occupied lands


Co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group (MG) have visited Azerbaijan’s occupied territories.

During the visit, OSCE MG co-chairs, Andrew Schofer (US), Stefan Visconti (France), Igor Popov (Russia) and Ambassador Andrzej Kasprzyk, personal representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, got acquainted with the situation on the contact line between the Azerbaijani and Armenian troops.Previously, the OSCE MG co-chairs visited Azerbaijan and held talks with the country’s leadership.

The government could end gas price subsidies


Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouia said on Saturday that the government could end gas price subsidies from 2019 and other subsidies from 2020.Mr. Raouia’s announcement was made in Dubai on the sidelines of the meeting between the Arab Finance Ministers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The minister did not specify which subsidies could be cut in 2020, simply recalling that the state subsidizes a wide variety of goods and services such as electricity, bread and oil. Abderrahmane Raouia justified the announcement by the fact that the state aims to eliminate its budget deficit in three to four years.

Algeria: arrest of a support element for terrorist groups in Bouira


As part of the fight against terrorism a detachment of the National People’s Army(ANP)arrested, on February 9, in Bouira / 1 ° RM, an element of support for terrorist groups, while some homemade bombs were destroyed in Tipaza / 1 ° RM.As part of the fight against smuggling and organized crime, a detachment of the ANP seized at In Guezzam / 6 ° RM, a truck loaded with 42,3 tons of foodstuffs for contraband, while another detachment and elements of the National Gendarmerie apprehended 05 drug traffickers, and seized 50 kilograms of processed kif and 03 vehicles at Oran / 2 ° RM.In addition, a detachment of the ANP intercepted in Ouargla / 4 ° RM, three individuals in possession of two firearms, while 26 illegal immigrants of different nationalities were arrested in Bechar, Adrar and Tebessa.

12000 Afghans in Pakistan and Iran jails


Over 12,000 Afghan nationals are imprisoned in different jails in Pakistan and Iran. The Minister of Refugee and Repatriation said that over 7,000 Afghan nationals are currently suffering in Pakistani jails while 5,124 more in Iranian prisons. However, recently more than 600 Afghan prisoners have been transferred to Afghanistan from Iran. Afghanistan has signed an agreement with Iran to transfer prisoners. At the same time some politicians believe that the government should establish a special court to look after cases of Afghan prisoners after transformation. “A special court should be formed so it could assess cases of the prisoners and then take a decision”, Abdulhadi Arghandiwal, head of a Hezb-e-Islami political party said. But so far, no agreement signed with Pakistan to facilitate exchange of Afghans prisoners.

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