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The US Ambassador’ speech


US Ambassador to Algiers, John Desrocher, delivered a speech on Monday, January 15 at the Diplomatic Institute and International Relations (IDRI), in which he returned to the Algerian-American prospects for the cooperation between the two countries.
“I have the impression that Algeria – its people, its culture, its history – is not well understood in the United States. I would like to try to start changing that. We also want to share America with you, “he said. He clarified Washington’s priorities in his future cooperation with Algiers. “First, we will work to strengthen our bilateral security cooperation to fight terrorism and promote regional stability. Secondly, we want to develop bilateral trade and investment. Finally, we will continue to work with our Algerian partners to foster links between the two peoples and dialogue on topics covering our entire relationship. Of course, diplomatic, political and economic issues are essential, but we also hope to expand our relations in the cultural and educational fields, “he said.

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