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Ramush Haradinaj

Prime Minister Marković to visit Kosovo


The Cabinet of Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj has announced that Prime Minister Marković, upon an invitation of Haradinaj, will visit on February 6th. During Marković’s stay, the ongoing issue of border demarcation with Montenegro will most likely be discussed. Although an agreement between the two parts would imply visa liberalization, Kosovo has not confirmed yet its intentions in ratifying it.

Kosovo authorities are ready to invite the FBI


Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, denounced the trends in the political exploitation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the leader of the Citizens’ Initiative, “Freedom, Democracy, Justice” shot dead on Tuesday morning while entering the party’s headquarter. Following the meeting of the Kosovo Security Council, Haradinaj stated to the media that this crime is a result of the illegal involvement of foreign instances in the northern part of Kosovo inhabited mainly by Serbs. According to PM, Kosovo authorities are ready to invite the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). “The Kosovo Police has good relations with many organizations, and we will invite the FBI if needed” he said.

Kosovo PM Haradinaj says returning ISIS fighters should be integrated


Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has shown Kosovo’s readiness to repatriate Kosovars who were recruited and went to the wars in Syria and Iraq alongside terrorist organizations.”Kosovo is the homeland of all and we are ready to repatriate all those willing to return,” he said. “Kosovo takes responsibility to ensure everyone’s life.” Haradinaj made this comment during the presentation of the UNDP report ‘Understanding pull and push factors in Kosovo; primary interviews with returned foreign fighters and their families.’ Haradinaj said the extremist religious ideologies in Kosovo spread as a result of “opening of Kosovo” after the end of the war but now Kosovars have learned the effects of extremist ideologies. The report includes interviews with those convicted by Kosovo courts for participation in foreign wars and their family members. Alessandra Roccasalvo from the UNDP said that Kosovo will face challenges at a time when Kosovar fighters will start returning from wars.

Kosovo PM Haradinaj cancelled a meeting after Spain’s Ambassador in NATO asked ‘status neutral’ representation


Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has refused on Friday attending a meeting and a pre-arranged joint press conference with NATO senior officials, at the KFOR Headquarters in Pristina. Kosovo PM protested conditions set by the Spain’s Ambassador in NATO, who asked Haradinaj not to be presented as Chief of Kosovo Government. The Spanish diplomat also asked the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) officers not to be presented with the official uniforms in the meeting. Spain is one of the five EU member countries which has not recognised Kosovo’s independence.The NATO Deputy Secretary Gottemoeller during all her meetings in Pristina referred to Kosovo officials only on their names, avoiding mentioning their positions implying Kosovo’s statehood, in order not to prejudge Kosovo’s status. NATO has a status-neutral stance towards Kosovo after four out of 29 of its members have not recognised Kosovo’s statehood.

PM Haradinaj: Demarcation to be solved soon


Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, has on Saturday received Croatian Ambassador to Kosovo, Marija Kapitanovic, discussing on current political developments and Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic integration process.
PM Haradinaj said that the open issue of the demarcation with Montenegro will be addressed soon and this will enable freedom of movement for Kosovo citizens into the EU Schengen area. Haradinaj told Kapitanovic that Kosovo is committed to preserving and promoting good neighbourly relations and highly appreciated relations with Montenegro. He also said that the Government is committed to fulfilling all obligations and reach its goal to become member of the EU.

Serbs angry on their MPs for entering coalition with Haradinaj


Decision of Serbian MPs from Srpska List to be represented in the new Kosovo Government headed by Ramush Haradinaj has angered political entities representing Kosovo Serbs as well as opposition parties in Serbia.

Many Serbian citizens are criticising the decision of Srpska List to join Ramush Haradinaj’s Government composed of a coalition of former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanders who fought against Serbian armed forces during the Kosovo war in 1998-99.One of the Serbs, Kuslo Guster, told media that Srpska List is trying to “justify” their action by lying. Also opposition political parties in Serbia have criticised the decision of Srpska to enter coalition with former KLA commanders.

Kosovo PM dismisses State Commision on setting border with Montenegro


Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, during his first meeting of his cabinet on Monday has proposed for the state Commission on demarcation be dismissed and tasked former LDK MP Shpejtim Bulliqi to form a new team and create the new Commission. The Agreement signed in 2015 by the then former minister of Foreign Affairs, Hashim Thaci and minister of Interior Skender Hyseni was refused repeatedly by MPs in previous legislation, including Haradinaj who as MP of the opposition AAK was one of the loudest MP opposing the Agreement. Ratification of the Agreement on border delineation with Montenegro is one of the last remaining criteria for Kosovo citizens get visa liberalisation with the EU.

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