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Mexico and the United States agree that weapons do not go south nor drugs north


MEXICO CITY – The Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Kirstjen Nielsen, indicated that the US government and the Department of Homeland Security in particular, is committed to a strong and healthy relationship with Mexico. Mexico, he said, is one of the most important business partners of the American Union, and the United States is a very important commercial partner for Mexico. The alliance, Nielsen emphasized, is important for the two countries, not just for security and prosperity, “as it was in the past, it is now, and will continue to be the same from now on”. The US official stressed that “we all want drugs not to go north. We want weapons and money does not continue to flow”.

Pushback on Trump tariffs gathers steam, Mexico rejects bid to split NAFTA


WASHINGTON/MEXICO CITY – Republican lawmakers stepped up calls for President Donald Trump to pull back from proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports as key trading partner Mexico rejected a bid by Washington to drive a wedge between it and Canada in talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. On Tuesday, Representative Mark Meadows, the head of the Freedom Caucus, raised concerns about the impact of the tariffs on American manufacturing and agriculture. Agriculture is a potential target for retaliatory tariffs from China if Trump pushes ahead. Moreover Mexico’s Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo raised the prospect of reprisals if Washington pushed ahead with tariffs and insisted NAFTA remain “a trilateral accord” in response to a U.S. proposal to hold talks with Canada and Mexico separately.

Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación increased violence in Mexico: WSJ


The number of homicides in Mexico rose in 2017 to its highest level in recent decades, largely as a result of a powerful and relatively new band of drug traffickers that expanded its operations throughout the country, says the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) is a fast-growing drug trafficking organization in Mexico and is largely responsible for the increase in violence the nation has suffered since 2015, as Mexican security officials have stated.

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