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Report: Facebook data scandal linked to the 2016 Duterte’s election

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A London-based behavioral research and strategic communication company assisted President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory in the May 2016 national elections, according to SCMP report. Strategic Communications Laboratories or SCL Group, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, helped portray Duterte as a “strong, no-nonsense man of action” on social media, according to a report from South China Morning Post. The London-based company has removed the content but SCMP posted an archived version of the report. “SCL used the cross-cutting issue of crime to rebrand the client as a strong, no-nonsense man of action, who would appeal to the true values of the voters,” it added. The web content, however, did not identify Duterte as its Philippine client but the brief pointed to the former Davao City mayor. Late last year, Facebook faced criticism for sending out teams to train politicians around the world, including Duterte, on how to use the platform as a campaign tool. Malacañang, however, has shrugged off reports linking Facebook to Duterte’s presidential campaign. “All candidates did so, unfortunately for his detractors, President Duterte appeared to have been the best candidate who utilized Facebook the most,” Roque said. 

The CDM: a Movement to boycott the March elections


The Civil Democratic Movement, founded in December 2017, is a coalition of liberal and leftist political parties and organizations and includes liberal Dostour, Egyptian Social Democratic and Reform parties, as well as the Development Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Nasserist Karama Current and the leftist under-construction Bread and Freedom Party. In an official statement it announced its intention to boycott the upcoming presidential election because of the total absence of transparency , guarantees and freedom in the electoral process. The CDM claimed that the state in the past few weeks forced the potential candidates to withdraw from the presidential election, including the human rights lawyer Khaled Ali, in order tto eliminate any obstacles or serious challenge to El-Sisi’s election. Mostafa Moussa is the only one who was able to complete the candidacy requirements submitting 47 000 citizens’ endorsement to the NEA on Monday.

Putin cast as national savior ahead of Russia election

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Long presented as the bare-chested, macho leader who defends Russia against the West, President Vladimir Putin now has a rather more mystical image in state media. With elections looming in March, leading state-controlled TV channels are roping in religion to cast him as a national savior who healed Russia’s historical divisions and rescued the nation from chaos. The main vehicle is a recent documentary on top national channel Rossiya 1 about a monastery widely thought to be Mr Putin’s favourite – Valaam, on a remote archipelago in northern Lake Ladoga. Closed under Soviet rule and almost completely ruined by years of neglect, Valaam has been rebuilt since the collapse of the USSR, with – as the film implies – vital support from Mr Putin.

Spanish PM dissolves Catalan parliament and calls elections


Simon Hunter has followed for El Paìs, the situation in the Country since the morning of 27 October. In the evening it has appeared a summary in which he has affirmed that: “Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called elections in the Catalan region for December 21, after having removed the regional premier and his government from their roles. The Catalan parliament has been dissolved. All of these measures have been taken under Article 155 of the Constitution, the invocation of which was approved today by the Spanish Senate.”. The situation in the Country is quite tense, after the declaration of independence of Catalonia. During the morning the Parliament of Catalonia has started the process to approve a law to regulate the transition and the foundation of the Republic. After some hours there has been the reply by the central government, with the activation of article 155.

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